Bloomfield, Lewis

Well, that was an adventure!  On Saturday, we mounted the 29-er’s for a foray into Lewis…population 0.  We entered at via Stone Dam Rd in Bloomfield and followed a gentle climb to Lewis Pond and then beyond to the Lewis Pond Overlook.  The roads were in pretty good shape for a town with no citizens.

With the addition of Lewis, we have now cycled through 251 out of 251 towns!  Although we have technically completed our quest, we still plan to visit Avery’s Gore and Warner’s Grant to complete our quartet of gores/grants.  So we will post an update about that later. We will probably also post some summary statistics from our adventure to wrap things up.


Andy at the entrance to the Silvio O. Conte National Fish & Wildlife Refuge in Bloomfield


Jeff at Lewis Pond


Andy at Lewis Pond Overlook


Jeff at the Nulhegan River in Bloomfield


Lyndon, Saint Johnsbury, Kirby, Concord

Today we set out on the 29-er’s to explore the back roads of Kirby.  We started in Lyndon and cycled up and over Severance Hill through St Johnsbury.  We had a short section on US Route 2 through a corner of Kirby and into Concord.  We then returned to Kirby with a climb up and over Kirby Mountain Road with a final descent back to Lyndon.

With the addition of Kirby, we now have 250 towns with 1 town to go!


Andy at South Kirby School House


Jeff at Kirby Town Hall in North Kirby


29-er’s enjoying the shade in North Kirby


Andy at the The Riverside School in Lyndon


Richmond, Huntington, Buels Gore, Starksboro, Bristol, Monkton, Hinesburg

Today, I had a morning appointment in the Burlington area.  In the afternoon, we went for a loop ride from Richmond through Huntington, Buels Gore, Starksboro, Bristol, Monkton, Starksboro (again) and Hinesburg.  We have visited all these towns (and Buels Gore before) so we are still at 249 towns with 2 towns to go.


Jeff at Huntington Town Office


Andy the Adirondacking at Bristol Bakery & Cafe


Andy at Volunteers Green in Richmond


Jeff amid the sunflowers at One Radish Eatery in Richmond


Newport City, Derby, Holland, Morgan, Newport Town, Coventry

This is a tardy posting.  On July 29, Andy’s sister and some of her friends were visiting for the Kingdom Swim event in Lake Memphremagog.  During the event, we went for a loop ride through Newport City, Derby, Holland and Morgan, passing through Derby again on our return to Newport City.  After watching the swim finish, we cycled from Newport Town to Coventry and back to finish off our cycling day.  With 5 new towns, we have now completed 249 towns with 2 towns to go.


Andy at the Kingdom Swim start at Prouty Beach in Newport City


Andy at Morgan Church and country store



Jeff at the Holland Town Garage


Jeff on the international border in Derby Line


Jeff at the Kingdom Swim finish area at Prouty Beach in Newport City


Andy at the Civil War monument in Coventry


Andy at Newport Town School


Burke, Victory, Granby

Although we did not finish our project today, we did enjoy a small taste of Victory.  We left the Kingdom Trails parking area in East Burke on our 29-er’s for a 7-mile climb up into the town of Victory.  From there, we cruised over to Granby and then returned via the same route.

We had originally conceived of this ride as a loop ride with even more Victory and a visit to Kirby.  But we had a late afternoon engagement so we settled for a shorter outing. Temperament-wise, I prefer a point-to-point route or a loop route instead of an out-and-back route.  But I am always surprised how many different things I see when on the return leg of an out-and-back route.  Today was no exception with several wide views that we had not noticed on the outbound leg.

With 244 towns completed, we now have 7 towns to go.  But we have already declared Victory!


Jeff at Gallup Mills in Victory


Jeff at the Granby town clerk office


Andy at the Granby-Victory Congregational Church in Granby


Andy at an amazing license plate display in Victory


Andy at the Burke Publick House in East Burke





South Burlington, Williston, Essex, Colchester, Winooski, Burlington

Today we filled in our Chittenden County donut hole.  We started at Farrell Park in South Burlington and followed bike paths to BTV.  We then bushwhacked around the airport including a pretty sketchy dirt road to make our way over to Williston.  We crossed the Winooski River and climbed up to Essex Junction.  From there, we cycled to Winooski with detours through Fort Ethan Allen and St Michael’s College in Colchester.  From Winooski, we cycled into Burlington and jumped on the bike path out to the Ethan Allen Homestead.  We cut over to the waterfront and followed the bike path to Oak Ledge Park and then doglegged back to our starting point.

With 2 new towns, we now have 242 towns completed and 9 towns to go.


Andy taking flight at Burlington International Airport in South Burlington


Jeff takes a break at the 5 corners in Essex Junction


Andy at Elley Long Music Center at Fort Ethan Allen in Colchester


Jeff at the falls in Winooski


Andy at the Ethan Allen Homestead Museum in Burlington


Westfield, Jay, Montgomery, Richford, Troy

Today we cycled a circuit around Jay Peak.  We started in Westfield and headed to the village of Jay.  We had a big climb over the south flank of Big Jay with a descent to Montgomery Center.  From Montgomery Center, we cycled to Montgomery and went up and over to the Missisiquoi River on the east side of Richford.  We had another big climb over the north side of North Jay Peak with a descent down to Troy and a return to Westfield.

With today’s ride, we have completed 240 towns with 11 towns to go.


Andy at the bottle/can drop in Jay


Andy at Jay Cloud Cyclery in Montgomery Center


Andy at the Moses Dodge monument in Troy


Jeff at Westfield Community Center