Saint Albans City, Saint Albans Town, Swanton, Fairfield, Sheldon, Enosburg

And we’re back!

Today was our first Vermont ride of the year.  We decided to make a tactical foray to finish up Franklin County.  We lacked Saint Albans City and Enosburg…a bit like a split in bowling.  Fortunately, the two are connected by the Missisiquoi Valley Rail Trail.  So we loaded up the 29-er’s and headed out.  We parked at the green in Saint Albans City and cycled on High St (to avoid the Route 7 traffic) to get to the trail.  The trail follows the route of the old Milk Run train.  We had awesome views of Jay Peak in the distance and close-up views of rapids in the Missisiquoi.  We have now cycled through 144 towns with 107 towns to go.


Jeff at the Missisiquoi River in Sheldon


Andy at the E.M.Viquesney Doughboy statue in Enosburg Falls


Andy crossing from Enosburg to Sheldon


Jeff crossing from Sheldon to Fairfield


Andy leaving Fairfield only seconds after arriving


Jeff crossing from Swanton to Saint Albans Town


Andy at the Civil War monument in Saint Albans City


Sadly, Jeff’s Restaurant is closed on Sundays


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