Northfield, Roxbury, Brookfield, Braintree, Randolph, Granville

Today we went for our Post Tax Season Celebration Ride.  We rode through 6 towns, 3 counties and 2 river basins.  Our route was the Route 12/Route 12A loop.  This route was unavailable last year as there was a major paving project on Route 12A between Randolph and Roxbury.  There is another paving project planned for this summer between Roxbury and Northfield.  So today was an auspicious time to squeeze in this ride between construction projects.

We started from Northfield and headed south on Route 12, climbing along Sunny Brook up to East Roxbury.  We continued climbing past Baker Pond in Brookfield and then enjoyed the awesome descent through the Brookfield Gulf down to East Braintree.  We followed Ayer’s Brook to Randolph where it joins the Third Branch of the White River.  From Randolph, we followed the Third Branch north up Route 12A through Braintree and on through an outpost of Granville to its headwaters in Roxbury.  In Roxbury, we skipped over to the Dog River and followed it back to Northfield.

Northfield and Roxbury are in Washington County.  Brookfield, Braintree and Randolph are in Orange County.  Granville is in Addision County which has no business at all being on the east side of the Green Mountains, much less east of the Roxbury Mountains.

For river basins, the Dog River and its tributary Sunny Brook flow north into the Winooski River. The Winooski flows into Lake Champlain which empties via the St Lawrence into the the massive Gulf of St Lawrence estuary.  The Third Branch of the White River and its tributary Ayer’s Brook flow south into the White River which empties into the Connecticut River.  The Connecticut empties into the Long Island Sound.  So we had two mini-continental divides.

Also we saw a moose in Granville.  Right by the highway.  He (or more likely she) cantered off to a safe distance, glared at us and then urinated.  A lot.  Nice! I didn’t get a photo.  I wanted to enjoy the moment rather than fumble around for my camera.

With today’s ride, we have 148 towns visited with 103 to go.


Andy, a vision in blue, at Baker Pond in Brookfield


Jeff at Snowsville General Store in East Braintree


Andy at Chandler Music Hall in Randolph


Andy at World War I Memorial in West Braintree


Jeff, an old truck and some horses in East Granville


Jeff at Roxbury Town Office


Andy at Civil War Soldiers Monument in Northfield



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