Bridgewater, Killington, Plymouth, Dorset, Rupert, Pawlet

This weekend, we camped at Coolidge State Park in Plymouth. We had afternoon obligations yesterday and today but were able to get in quick morning rides both days. Yesterday, we cycled from Bridgewater Corners to Killington, back to West Bridgewater, up to Plymouth Union, up up up to Plymouth Notch and crashing back down to Bridgewater Corners.  Today, we cycled from Dorset to East Rupert, up and over Rupert Mountain Road to Rupert, onward thru West Pawlet and returning through North Pawlet, Pawlet, North Rupert and East Rupert back to Dorset.

We now have cycled through 157 towns with 94 towns to go.


Jeff at the Killington Skyeship Gondola


Andy at the World War II Honor Roll in Plymouth Union


Andy at the World War I memorial in Plymouth Notch


Jeff at Union Christian Church in Plymouth Notch


Andy at Long Trail Pub & Brewery in Bridgewater Corners


Andy enjoys a post-ride Thomas Dairy chocolate milk at Olson’s Bridgewater Corners Store


Andy at the United Methodist Church in Rupert


Andy at the Great War of Nations (a/k/a World War I) monument in West Pawlet


Jeff at Dorset Union Store in Dorset


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