Richmond, Huntington, Starksboro, Hinesburg, Saint George, Williston

For Labor Day, we followed a loop route through Chittenden County (mostly).  We started in Richmond and climbed up to Huntington.  From Huntington, we passed through a sliver of Starksboro (in Addison County) on our descent to Hinesburg.  We finished off the loop with stops in Saint George and Williston before returning to Richmond.  One of the roads we cycled in Williston was quite the surprise with million-dollar views of Camel’s Hump, Mount Mansfield and many other Green Mountains.  We now have 197 towns with 54 towns to go!


Jeff at the Huntington Public Library at Union Meeting House


Andy at Beaudry’s Store in Huntington



Andy at the World War memorials in Hinesburg


Jeff at the old one-room schoolhouse in Saint George


Andy at the Saint George Town Hall


Andy at the home of someone we know in Williston


Jeff at the Old Brick Church in Williston


Andy at the Williston Honor Roll


Andy at the Cochran Family Olympic monument in Richmond


Jeff at the Old Round Church in Richmond


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