Marshfield, Groton, Ryegate

It’s been six weeks since our last cycling adventure in Vermont.  We cycled a lot in September in an undisclosed location.  In October, we have had to contend with shortened daylight, running events, house guests and rain.  Finally, this afternoon we got out on the 29-er’s.

We parked at the town clerk’s office in Marshfield and climbed up Lower Depot Rd to the Cross Vermont Trail.  This portion of the CVT follows the old railbed of the former Montpelier & Wells Railroad.  We followed the leaf-covered trail to US 302 and then the highway down to South Ryegate.  We returned the same way.  Mostly.  The leaves were past peak but still pretty.  We used all our daylight.

With today’s ride, we have now cycled through 199 towns with 52 to go.  I’m not sure if we will make it to 200 in 2016 or not.


Jeff at Bailey Pond in Marshfield


Andy at the beaver lodge in Bailey Pond in Marshfield


Jeff at Upper Valley Grill & General Store in Groton


Andy at the Civil War monument in Groton


Jeff at the old First Presbyterian Church in South Ryegate


Andy at the Ryegate remembrance monument in South Ryegate


Jeff at the town clerk’s office in Marshfield


Andy at the valor monument in Marshfield


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