Clarendon, Shrewsbury, Wallingford, Mount Holly

Today we completed another ride in Rutland County.  We started from the elementary school in North Clarendon and cycled up Cold River Rd to North Shrewsbury.  (Andy thought the river looked cold.)  From North Shrewsbury, we descended through Shrewsbury to the village of Cuttingsville.  From there, we cycled through a corner of Wallingford to a loop through Mount Holly.  After the Mount Holly loop, we continued through East Wallingford to Wallingford and followed Otter Creek back to towards the start.  We crossed the Appalachian Trail/Long Trail twice–once near North Shrewsbury and again in Wallingford.  With four new towns, we have now completed 210 towns with 41 towns to go.

And, yes, we did enjoy $4 Switchback Ales at Positive Pie in Montpelier.


Andy at the Christian Church in North Shrewsbury


Jeff at Mount Holly town office


So many choices in village of Belmont in town of Mount Holly


Andy in Wallingford


Andy at Bailey Memorial Library in North Clarendon


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