Rutland City, Rutland Town, West Rutland, Clarendon, Ira, Mendon, Pittsford, Chittenden

This past weekend, we completed our journey through Rutland County.  Our rides were squeezed in around other activities.  On Saturday, I had an afternoon rehearsal in Rutland.  Before my rehearsal, we ran a trail race in Pittsford.  Afterward my rehearsal, we went for a quick spin from Rutland City to Ira and back, passing through Rutland Town, West Rutland and Clarendon en route. I had my second flat tire of the year in Ira. We had a pleasant conversation with a nice man who came out to watch as we repaired the tire on his lawn.  On Sunday afternoon, I had a gig in Proctorsville.  We went for a quick morning ride from the Red Clover Inn in Mendon through Rutland Town and Pittsford to Chittenden and back.  It was quite cold, especially on the initial descent down Route 4.  On our return from Chittenden, we had intermittent rain and a bit of sleet.  We thought we might be overdressed for the climb back up to the Red Clover Inn but that turned out not to be a problem.  With three new towns, we have now completed 213 towns with 38 towns to go.

And, yes, we did have Switchback Ales at Positive Pie on Sunday evening.


Andy with a Green Mountain Boy in Rutland City


Jeff in Ira (note the DIG SAFE paint)


Jeff at the West Rutland Art Park


Andy at the World War monument in Rutland Town


The citizens of Chittenden are proud of their fancy generator


Jeff at the dam at the Chittenden Reservoir


Andy at the Grand Army of the Republic Army in Chittenden (with bonus daffodils)


Our trusty steeds


Andy at the Red Clover Inn in Mendon


Jeff at the Red Clover Inn in Mendon with Pico Peak in the distance


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