Guilford, Brattleboro, Dummerston, Vernon, Halifax, Marlboro

This weekend, we had an awesome time in southeastern Vermont to complete our last towns in Windham County.  We camped at Fort Dummer State Park in Guilford.  We took the 29-er’s in anticipation of dirt roads.

On Saturday morning, we coasted down from the campground to Brattleboro for breakfast and to view the Strolling of the Heifers.  We saw our Montpelier friends Rob and Sarah across the street at the parade but never got a chance to talk to them. After the parade, we cycled a loop north of town through Dummerston.  We then took a break to check out the festival at the Brattleboro Common before completing a loop south of town through Vernon.

After getting cleaned up on Saturday afternoon, I texted our old friends Scott & Barb to let them know we were in town.  I figured that they would be away but wanted to make at least a halfhearted effort to be a sociable person.  I immediately received a text back from Scott saying they were home.  For the next hour.  So we stopped by and enjoyed good company in the backyard with homemade seltzer and a small bowl of cherries.

On Sunday morning, we embarked on the Tour de Heifer.  There was rain in the forecast for the afternoon so we opted for the 30-mile route instead of the 60-mile route.  (The big hills may have factored into our decision…but only a little.) Our ride started at Lilac Ridge Farm in Brattleboro and followed mostly dirt roads through Guilford, Halifax and Marlboro with an epic descent back to Lilac Ridge Farm.

We have now completed 226 towns with with 25 towns to go.  We’re over 90% of the way there!


Andy admiring the heifers in Brattleboro


Andy at the World War II honor roll in Dummerston Center


Jeff at the grange in Dummerston Center


Andy at the Civil War Memorial at the Brattleboro Common


Andy at the Vernon war memorial (with Vermont Yankee nuclear plant in the distance)


Jeff near the original site of Fort Dummer in Brattleboro


Jeff at Fort Dummer State Park in Guilford

Ainslie and friends.JPG

Hanging out with an old friend and a new guitar in Brattleboro


Andy at the World War II memorial in Guilford Center


Andy at the Green River Covered Bridge in Guilford


Andy by the Green River in Halifax


Jeff at Marlboro College


Andy after the Tour de Heifer at Lilac Ridge Farm in Brattleboro


Jeff with the Tour de Heifer pizza crew at Lilac Ridge Farm in Brattleboro


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