Burke, Victory, Granby

Although we did not finish our project today, we did enjoy a small taste of Victory.  We left the Kingdom Trails parking area in East Burke on our 29-er’s for a 7-mile climb up into the town of Victory.  From there, we cruised over to Granby and then returned via the same route.

We had originally conceived of this ride as a loop ride with even more Victory and a visit to Kirby.  But we had a late afternoon engagement so we settled for a shorter outing. Temperament-wise, I prefer a point-to-point route or a loop route instead of an out-and-back route.  But I am always surprised how many different things I see when on the return leg of an out-and-back route.  Today was no exception with several wide views that we had not noticed on the outbound leg.

With 244 towns completed, we now have 7 towns to go.  But we have already declared Victory!


Jeff at Gallup Mills in Victory


Jeff at the Granby town clerk office


Andy at the Granby-Victory Congregational Church in Granby


Andy at an amazing license plate display in Victory


Andy at the Burke Publick House in East Burke





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