Bloomfield, Lewis

Well, that was an adventure!  On Saturday, we mounted the 29-er’s for a foray into Lewis…population 0.  We entered at via Stone Dam Rd in Bloomfield and followed a gentle climb to Lewis Pond and then beyond to the Lewis Pond Overlook.  The roads were in pretty good shape for a town with no citizens.

With the addition of Lewis, we have now cycled through 251 out of 251 towns!  Although we have technically completed our quest, we still plan to visit Avery’s Gore and Warner’s Grant to complete our quartet of gores/grants.  So we will post an update about that later. We will probably also post some summary statistics from our adventure to wrap things up.


Andy at the entrance to the Silvio O. Conte National Fish & Wildlife Refuge in Bloomfield


Jeff at Lewis Pond


Andy at Lewis Pond Overlook


Jeff at the Nulhegan River in Bloomfield


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