Burke, Victory, Granby

Although we did not finish our project today, we did enjoy a small taste of Victory.  We left the Kingdom Trails parking area in East Burke on our 29-er’s for a 7-mile climb up into the town of Victory.  From there, we cruised over to Granby and then returned via the same route.

We had originally conceived of this ride as a loop ride with even more Victory and a visit to Kirby.  But we had a late afternoon engagement so we settled for a shorter outing. Temperament-wise, I prefer a point-to-point route or a loop route instead of an out-and-back route.  But I am always surprised how many different things I see when on the return leg of an out-and-back route.  Today was no exception with several wide views that we had not noticed on the outbound leg.

With 244 towns completed, we now have 7 towns to go.  But we have already declared Victory!


Jeff at Gallup Mills in Victory


Jeff at the Granby town clerk office


Andy at the Granby-Victory Congregational Church in Granby


Andy at an amazing license plate display in Victory


Andy at the Burke Publick House in East Burke





Burke, Sutton, Newark, Westmore, Brownington, Charleston, Brighton, East Haven

We had awesome weather Sunday for a nice loop ride from East Burke.  We cycled through 8 towns in 3 counties including a very scenic section next to Lake Willoughby. With 6 new towns, we now have 220 towns completed with 31 towns to go.


Andy at Union Meetinghouse in Burke Hollow


Jeff at Newark-Westmore town line


Andy at Willoughby Lake Store in Westmore


Andy at Brownington-Charleston town line


Jeff at Plymouth Congregational Church in East Charleston


Jeff at East Haven Chapel


Jeff at Kingdom Trails parking area in East Burke


Dover, Wilmington, Whitingham, Readsboro, Searsburg, Lyndon, Burke, Sutton, Barton, Glover, Sheffield, Wheelock

We planned a big cycling weekend down south.  We camped at Townshend State Park.  On Saturday, we set off from West Dover as the Blueberry Festival Parade was assembling.  We cycled through Wilmington, Whitingham, Readsboro, Searsburg and back to Wilmington.  From Wilmington, we returned to West Dover via a different route by Lake Raponda.  Lots of climbing.  The parade was over by the time we made it back to West Dover.

Last night, the rain moved in and stayed.  Today appeared to be a total washout.  After a weather forecast consultation with our friendly park ranger, we aborted our planned Sunday ride.  We decided instead to head up to Saint Johnsbury to visit the Fairbanks Museum.  [Long story made short:  We have never visited the Fairbanks Museum under the theory that we will save it for a rainy day.  There are lots of rainy days in Vermont but somehow we still have not managed to make it to the museum.]  As we drove north on I-91, the weather improved.  The Eye on the Sky forecast on VPR suggested that rain would not arrive above Route 2 until after dark.  So we abandoned our museum-going plan and improvised a route from Lyndonville.  We cycled a loop route through Lyndon, Burke, Sutton, Barton, Glover, Sheffield and Wheelock.  Perfect weather.

We have now cycled through 178 towns with 73 towns to go.


Andy at the civil war monument at Pettee Library in Wilmington


Andy at the war memorial on Town Hill in Whitingham


Jeff at the Brigham Young Monument in Whitingham


Andy at the war memorial in Readsboro


A vision in blue at the West Dover Congregational Church


Jeff at Sutton Grange Hall


Andy at the Veterans Memorial in Barton


Jeff at Busy Bee Diner in Glover


Andy at Miller’s Run School in Sheffield


Andy at the civil war monument at Wheelock Town Hall


Andy at the veterans monument in Lyndonville


Jeff finds a balm in Lyndonville