Springfield, Weathersfield, Baltimore, Chester

Today’s mission was to fill in a Baltimore-shaped donut hole in Windsor County. Baltimore has no paved roads so we took the 29-er’s.  We parked at Hartness State Airport which is barely in Springfield.  We picked up Baltimore Road in Weathersfield and followed it into Baltimore.  At what would be the town center if there were one, we turned left for a descent through a tiny corner of Chester and on into Springfield.  We had plenty of time so we puttered around Springfield to check out some of the historic sites.

With the addition of Baltimore, we have now cycled through 214 towns with 37 towns to go.


Andy at the Baltimore Honor Roll


Jeff at the Baltimore Town Office


Andy at the Springfield War Memorials


Jeff at Comtu Cascade in Springfield


Weathersfield, Springfield, Chester, Cavendish, Ludlow

Today we enjoyed a celebratory end-of-tax-season ride.  The temperature was on the cool side and it was also a bit windy.  We started in the village of Downers in Weathersfield and cycled through Perkinsville down to North Springfield.  From there, we cycled west to Gassets in Chester and then north through Proctorsville Gulf (a nice surprise) to Cavendish.  We did a short out-and-back section to Ludlow.  It started to rain during this section.  We hoped to out-run the rain but that was a vain hope.  We endured a constant light drizzle on the descent from Proctorsville to Downers.

With three new towns, we now have completed 206 towns with 45 towns to go.


Andy at Weathersfield Honor Roll in village of Perkinsville


Jeff at Perkinsville village green in town of Weathersfield


Andy at North Springfield Baptist Church


Forsythia putting the “spring” in North Springfield


Jeff at the shabby sign at town line between Chester and Cavendish


Andy at armed services memorial in Ludlow with Ludlow Baptist Church and Okemo ski trails in background


Andy at Cavendish honor roll in village of Proctorsville